Divya Consultancy is one of the best FSSAI License & Registration service centers in Ahmedabad. It was established by Mr. Krutarth Dave, a highly enterprising visionary who has more than 24 years of experience in the field of Licenses, Registrations & Certifications work in Ahmedabad.


Mr. Krutarth Dave has achieved success through his sheer hard work and perseverance. With his rich experience and vast knowledge, he has made Divya Consultancy one of the most trusted Fssai food licensing services in Ahmedabad. His growth in this field has been inspiring.


We at Divya Consultancy are dedicated to assisting start-ups, small and medium business owners with legal compliance issues linked to the start-up and operation of their company. 


Our mission is to provide an exceptional range of affordable, quick, and reliable services. To date, we have helped Thousands of customers in the food industry and other businesses, with a distinct focus on assisting them in obtaining an FSSAI License or Registration and other Licenses in Ahmedabad.


Our consultancy is built on the principles of efficiency, ethically and transparency. We have highly qualified and experienced people managing and maintaining Divya Consultancy.


Our price, dedicated teams of professionals, and creative and ready-to-use solutions set us apart from the competition. We take extreme pride in the fact that most of our clients have come to us through word of mouth. We believe in letting our work speak for us.


Services provided by Divya Consultancy

We at Divya Consultancy are experts in helping companies and start-ups procure licenses and registration easily and quickly. Given below are the list of services we offer:


FSSAI License (Food License) 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a government organization that issues food licenses to all food business operators in India. For food quality control, all FBOs must follow the FSSAI's norms and regulations. We at Divya Consultancy can help you obtain an FSSAI License or Registration in Ahmedabad. 


Fees for renewals are the same as for new licenses and registrations. From the Google Playstore, get the 'Food Safety Connect' app - Keep up with the latest FSSAI news and information.


Every company with more than ten employees and maximum pay of more than Rs. 15000 must register with the ESIC. It is a government-run program that provides workers with medical, monetary, and other benefits. Employees' Provident Fund, on the other hand, is a social security scheme that allows employees to save a percentage of their salaries for the future.


Why choose Divya Consultancy?

  • We are a premier consultancy specializing in end-to-end solutions for Fssai Licensing & Other Licensing services in Ahmedabad. We are known for our professionalism and well-structured support and guidance.
  • Our primary commitment is to provide clients with high-quality services that help us acquire a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Our team of experts adheres to industry best practices to achieve growth.
  • We believe that flexibility is the key to success and include it in our working style. We complete our commitments on time with dedication and integrity.
  • Divya Consultancy is here to assist you in procuring all types of registrations and licenses, including the FSSAI food license in Ahmedabad. We also help you with maintenance and consultation so that you can focus on the growth of your business.



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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three different types of FSSAI registration, and the time it takes to get an FSSAI license varies depending on the type:

The basic FSSAI license will be issued in seven working days, and the state and central licenses will be issued in thirty days. 

If you fail to renew your food license within the given validity period, you will be charged a penalty of Rs.100 each day, after which your license will be canceled, and you will have to apply for a new one.

If the required information is not provided before the 30-day deadline, or if the Licensing Officer considers the application not tenable, it will be rejected. An applicant will be considered before a license is denied, and they will mention the grounds for the refusal.

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